My name is Brad Cavanagh.  I am a writer living in Dubuque, Iowa.  At any given point in any day, you will find me thinking about how we might improve this world of ours.  Some people might find that horribly depressing, but I don’t.  I find it invigorating.  I imagine all of the ways we could be better to each other, and all of the ways we could solve the problems we have created.

The Realist Idealist is my journey toward finding solutions.  It is my way of discovering and sharing what could be.  I am also completing my first novel, Topos, exploring the origins of and solutions to poverty.  I’m happy you decided to join me here.

When I’m not writing, I am training new social workers as a full time professor at Loras College, raising two young boys to be exceptional young men, building a life with my wife, Jennifer, holding the back beat on a set of drums, riding my bike aimlessly over obscenely large hills, and generally making life enjoyable.  Keep up with me on Twitter @BradMCavanagh.